Bistroteca ft. Touch Sensitive

16/04/2022 6pm - 2am
Menzies Bar

At the intersection of Margaret Street and Wynyard Lane, you’ll find the perfect spot to lock in for the night: Menzies Bar is the BISTROTECA. A late night drinking, dining and dancing experience like no other – it’s the best of disco in the bistro.

This Saturday night, join us for an exclusive late night dinner that turns into a dancefloor extravaganza. We’re turning up the volume and turning the lights down low, because we’re inviting one of the world’s best dancefloor maestros to take us on an all night long journey through taste and sound.

It’s the best dinner party ever: Culinary Director Joel Bickford brings the plates, Josh Reynolds on cocktails, and Shun Eto on wines – no one’s turning up empty handed… and TOUCH SENSITIVE on the platters that matter, all night long. Absolutely sensational.

A very special evening at the BISTROTECA – not to be missed.


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