Bistroteca ft. Julian Sudek + Trent Rackus

Menzies Bar

Late nights, tall tales: all to the bistro beat. Menzies Bar is the destination, when the sun sets on Sydney and the stars align – fire on the grill and fire in the disco. This weekend, we elevate the moonlight experience in the heart of Sydney: dining and dancing until very, very late – with one of our city’s most crucial cocktail, wine and snack lists available (masterminded by Josh Reynolds, Shun Eto and Culinary Director Joel Bickford) until the doors close. This is BISTROTECA. Joining us on musical curation duties this week: Julian Sudek and Trent Rackus.

Menzies Bar & Bistroteca is a late night experience with limited capacity. Reservations are encouraged, however, walk-ins are always welcome. 


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