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World Class Bar Takeover: Attaboy (NYC)



Come & see what makes these the World’s Best Bars.

Drinks by Attaboy, direct from NYC
Snacks by Aaron Ward
24th-26th May, from 5pm
Clocktower Bar
Reservations recommended walk-ins limited


Michael McIlroy and Sam Ross of Attaboy are considered some of the most influential and highly respected figures in the world of cocktails and spirits. The pair made Milk & Honey what it was – arguably the most influential bar of the 21st Century, until taking it over and relaunching as Attaboy. 

Let us make this clear, they are NO joke when it comes to intelligent drinking. So, to help us celebrate OUR HOUSE, Michael and Sam will be taking over the Clocktower Bar to bring us their truly unique drinking experience.

We are very lucky to have the boys back in Australia courtesy of Aviation Gin.


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